Marketing: The game of crowds

When you are a general in a war, you often face this dilemma:
You have two battalions fighting in two different areas. One of them is taking losses and the other is advancing and winning battles. Now, you have a third battalion as a reserve that you can send to join one of the other battalions. And here is the dilemma: Which of the fighting battalions will get the reinforcements? Will it be the one who struggles or the one that is advancing?

It is a matter of life vs death

Well, when you are a general, you have no dilemma with that situation. Your goal is to win the war! Therefore, you must send the reserve battalion to join the advancing force. That is because your goal is not to have the few casualties as you can, as much as it is unfortunate, You want to win the war. I guess that you have realized by now that I am not talking about no war, and you are not a general.

So how do I win the game of crowds?

A good marketer would choose the best stage with the right crowd. Don’t try to win all of the battles in all of the battle fields. Use your resources to win the attention of your crowd, this is the right battlefield for you. So, now you have to ask a very important question: How?

Knowledge is your weapon

In one word: Data. You can use your own data from previous campaigns, now you know you have to gather such data, or use the vass knowledge over the web. Analyze it to Figure out who are the audience that are likely to want to hear/read your words, what is the common ground? how old are they? where are they from? etc. Then, focus on those who have the best product/service-fit. Just make sure that you are not alone in the room.

The where and when

Now that you know who are you talking to, you have to make sure that you know their language and behaviour. You are the active side, that means that you have the opportunity to decide where they will here about your product/service and how the message will be served. For example: If my target audience are young basketball players, I will not use complicated blog-posts and post them on TED’s website. Instead, I will look for communal sports events and sponsor them or pay a really popular local person to promote my product/service.

To sum things up

Picking your target audience is very important. It often requires to spend a lot of resources, time for research and patience. But know this, If you think that making the effort in picking the right target audience is a major resource consumer, you didn’t market to the wrong audience!